14 of my greeting cards have been featured as the “Design of the Day” at Greeting Card Universe. With more than 600,000 cards on the site, it is quite an honor for an artist to be featured!

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Good Things By Gorge

“Beautiful, Thank You for Your Order” card on 1/18/2016.

“Electricians Don’t Really Retire, Humor, Retirement PARTY Invitation” card on 8/4/2016.

“We’ve Moved Sunflowers Announcement” card on 5/23/2016.

“Integrity Is What Grows Our Business” card on 4/7/2016; also was 2nd Place in GCU’s March (2016) Design Challenge.

“Goodbye to a Great Male Boss” card on 1/08/2016 (variants available); also was 1 of 5 Honorable Mentions in GCU’s “Best of 2015” December Design Challenge.

“Thinking of You at Camp, Outhouse, Latrine” card on 7/29/2015 (Variants available)

“Off to College” party invitation on 6/13/2015

“Thank You to a Phlebotomist” card on 11/5/2014

“Father’s Day-Like a Son to Me” card on 6/2/2014

“Welcome to the Neighborhood” card on 11/2/2014. (A British variant is available, too.)

“Electricians Don’t Really Retire” congratulations card on 8/26/2013. Also shown on GCU’s “Uncommon” page in August 2015 & April 2016. (Invitation & announcement variants available, too.)

“Awesome Ride” graduation card for parents on 6/28/2013 (Variants available)

“Twin Thing” graduation card on 5/13/2013

“Happy Birthday to a Landscape Architect ” on 2/16/2013 (Variants available)









































The following cards were displayed on GCU’s “Staff Pick” page for varying lengths of time, from 1-30 days:

Staff Pick in May-June 2016

Staff Pick in August 2015

Staff Pick in June-August 2015

Staff Pick in March 2015

[Product id: 1202984] Chinese New Year 2014, Year of the Horse, Prosperity, Happiness

Staff Pick in January 2014

Staff Pick in September 2013 (Variant Available)




















And some of my cards have been featured on GCU’s blog:

“Standout example” of new occasion card (variants available) July 15, 2016

Blog example of “Designs that Work” (variants available) March 11, 2016