International Customers

Not only am I blessed to have many customers from America, but I am always delighted whenever a sale occurs in another county. Each time I learn of where a sale occurred, I look up the location and learn a little about it. I’m fascinated that creators & purchasers can live so far from one another and yet have certain things they appreciate in common.

To honor these extra-special connections, I’m listing my foreign-customer locations here, so that other people can feel a bit of the magic, too. Thank you for your purchases: You’ve expanded my geographical horizons and given me many smiles!

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January 22, 2017: Business this past year has been strong. More accolades have been received and I continue to have international sales even though I haven’t taken time to update my list: It’s getting hard to keep up! Please know that I am grateful for each and every one! Broadly speaking, though, in addition to my frequent UK and Canadian sales, I recall some in Australia, France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and my first one to Singapore! (It was also fun to have some in Alaska!)

August 4, 2016: There have been LOTS of international sales since my last post, but I’ve just not updated yet. Hope to do so in the coming month. In the meanwhile, my apologies to those of you looking to see your fabulous town listed!

March 14, 2016: The overall list below now includes 6 new international sales that occurred from Jan 29, 2016, through March 12, 2016. They include new areas in Australia (Moama) and the United Kingdom (Northhamptonshire, Rayleigh, & Lichfield).

Store Abbreviations: Z = Zazzle; GCU = Greeting Card Universe; CP = CafePress

  1. Australia
    1. Bongaree, Queensland (va Z)
    2. Clifton Springs, Victoria (via Z)
    3. Castle Hill, New South Wales (via CP)
    4. Dudley Park (Wasn’t told whether it was Dudley Park in South Australia or Western Australia) (via Z)
    5. Ferndale, Western Australia (via CP)
    6. Geelong, Victoria (via Z)
    7. Glenfield, (Wasn’t told whether it was Glenfield in New South Wales or Western Australia) (via Z)
    8. Idalia, Queensland (via Z)
    9. Karalee, Queensland (via Z)
    10. Moama, New South Wales (via Z)
    11. New South Wales: no location provided (via GCU)
    12. Ocean Grove, Victoria (via Z)
    13. Pennington, South Australia (via Z)
    14. Perth, Western Australia (via Z)
    15. Queensland: no location provided (via GCU)
    16. Sydney, New South Wales (via Z), multiple times
  2. Belgium
    1. Unnamed Belgian city by fulfillment provider, 2 times (via GCU)
  3. Brazil
    1. Sao Paulo (via Z)
  4. Canada
    1. Alberta
      1. Unnamed Alberta location (via GCU), 2 times
    2. British Columbia
      1. Burnaby (via Z) – 2 times
      2. Unnamed BC location (via GCU x2))
    3. New Foundland & Labrador
      1. Twillingate (via GCU)
    4. Nova Scotia
      1. Unnamed city (via GCU)
    5. Ontario
      1. Beachburg (via Z)
      2. Dundas (via Z)
      3. Kitchener (via Z)
      4. Waterloo (via Z)
      5. Unnamed Ontario city (via GCU), 6 times
    6. Saskatchewan
      1. Unnamed city (via GCU)
  5. France
    1. La Guerche De Bretagne (via Z)
    2. Mirepoix (via Z)
    3. Pais (Americans: This is not Paris!) (via Z)
    4. Unnamed location (via GCU)
  6. Germany
    1. Aachen (via Z)
    2. Bottrop (via Z)
    3. Brandis (via Z)
    4. Eisenhüttenstadt (via Z)
    5. Lauingen (via Z)
    6. Rostock (via Z)
    7. Soest (via Z)
  7. Ireland
    1. Drogheda (via Z)
    2. Dublin (via Z), 2 times
    3. Leitrim (via GCU)
  8. Japan
    1. Yokohama-city, Hodogaya-ku (ward), (via Z)
    2. Unnamed location in Japan (via Z)
  9. Malta (via GCU)
  10. Netherlands
    1. Groningen (via Z), 2 times
    2. Zaandam (via Z)
  11. Sweden
    1. Stockholm (via Z)
  12. Spain
    1. Madrid (via Z)
  13. Turkey
    1. Kocaeli (via GCU)
  14. United Kingdom
    1. England
      1. Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire (via Z)
      2. Banbury (via Z)
      3. Beaminster, Dorset (via Z)
      4. Beckenham (via Z)
      5. Bideford, Devon (via Z)
      6. Birmingham (via Z)
      7. Blyth, Northumberland (via Z)
      8. Bolton (via Z)
      9. Borehamwood, Hertfordshire (via Z)
      10. Brill, Buckinghamshire (via Z)
      11. Bristol (via Z)
      12. Bromsgrove, Worcestershire (via Z)
      13. Bury, Greater Manchester (via Z)
      14. Camberley, Surrey (via Z)
      15. Cambridge (via Z)
      16. Cheshire – city not named (via GCU x2)
      17. Crawley, West Sussex (via CP)
      18. Dalton in Furness (via Z)
      19. Derby (via CP)
      20. Devon – city not named (via GCU)
      21. Dorset – city not named (via GCU x2)
      22. Essex – location not named (via GCU x3)
      23. Gwynedd (via GCU)
      24. Halesowen (via Z)
      25. Hereford, Herfordshire (via Z)
      26. Hampton, Middlesex (via CP)
      27. Harrogate (via Z)
      28. Hockley, Essex (via Z)
      29. Kingsbridge, Devon (via Z)
      30. Kings Langley, Hertfordshire (via Z)
      31. Leeds (via Z)
      32. Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire (via CP)
      33. Lichfield, Staffordshire (via Z)
      34. London (via Z) (many)
      35. Luton (via Z)
      36. Mattishall, Norfolk (via Z)
      37. Middlesex – city not named (via GCU)
      38. Minstead (via Z)
      39. Norfolk (via GCU)
      40. Northhamptonshire – city not named (via GCU)
      41. North Yorkshire – city not named (via GCU), 2 times
      42. Nottingham (via Z)
      43. Plymouth (via Z)
      44. Rayleigh, Essex (via Z)
      45. Richmond (don’t know if was the one in North Yorkshire or London) – (via Z)
      46. Sale (Yes, fellow Americans, this is the name of a real town!) (via Z)
      47. Saltash, Cornwall (via Z)
      48. Shropshire – city not named (via GCU), 2 times
      49. Solihull (via Z)
      50. Southhampton, Hampshire (via CP)
      51. Stoke Mandeville (via Z)
      52. Warwickshire County (via GCU)
      53. West Lothian (via GCU)
      54. West Sussex – city not named (via GCU)
      55. Wilmslow, Cheshire (via Z), 4 times
      56. Wokingham, Berkshire (via Z)
      57. Worcester (via Z)
      58. Yelverton, Devon (via Z)
      59. Unnamed English location (via GCU)
    2. Northern Ireland
      1. Ballyclare, County Antrim (via Z) –
      2. Donaghadee, County Down (via Z)
    3. Scotland
      1. Aberdeenshire – city not named (via GCU)
      2. Dunfermline, Fife (via Z)
      3. Fife – city not named (via GCU)
      4. Lanarkshire – city not named (via GCU)
      5. Stranraer (via Z)
      6. Stirling (via Z)
      7. West Lothian – city not named (via GCU)
      8. Unnamed  Scottish city (via GCU)
    4. Wales
      1. Ceredigion (via GCU)
      2. South Glamorgan – city not named (via GCU)
      3. Swansea (via Z)
    5. Unnamed UK city/region (via GCU), 7 times

In addition to these foreign countries sales, I’ve also had my first sale to be shipped directly to US service personnel – APO, AE (via Z)

In a domestic side note, I’ve had a sale (via Z) that was in Puyallup, Washington. I have never heard of that town before, and marveled that it sounded like US southern slang for “Pull you all up”, but upon research, I discovered it’s named after a tribe of Native Americans and their name means “the generous people”.